About Us

Founded in January of 2021, xeniosmarkets is a digital currency wallet and trading platform where users can trade and exchange crypto currencies like bitcoin,litecoin and many more.


Xeniosmarkets has an organically built user base consisting of users from all over the world. We believe in providing superior customer support which will in turn allow us to grow. Xeniosmarkets has built the core parts from the ground up, using the latest programming techniques to make the system less resource intensive, faster, and secure. Our platform takes great lengths to ensure a complete security lockdown of our systems using multiple layers of firewalls and internal networking. Our safe storage is completely off network and stored in a secured facility. Xeniosmarkets believes that users of cryptocurrency should be able to trade easily and quickly with other users. KYC is not required to make simple crypto to crypto trades at low volume. You may review limitations of withdraws on the fees and limits page. Xeniosmarkets does not currently transact in any government issued currency (fiat currency). We do not offer any services to buy or sell with a credit card or your bank account. All exchange transactions in our system is strictly between digital currencies. We do not own or maintain any bank accounts and all employees are paid in cryptocurrency. This may change in the future pending the necessary banking and regulatory relationships required for this. We are working on getting a license to operate in fiat currencies, and will provide that service when it becomes available. Currently we have been approved, but are waiting for issuance in the jurisdiction of Jersey. We are silently working on many things at the corporate level to bring more and greater service to our users. Xeniosmarkets believes that collection of personal information should be kept to a minimum. To open an account, you only need to provide your name and an email address. Xeniosmarkets will strive to be as transparent as possible with regards to your cryptocurrency deposits held on account. You can view our system status page for a detailed overview of where and how we store cryptocurrency. Xeniosmarkets is a service of Xeniosmarkets S.A

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